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Radian is Australia's first network for independent radiologists and radiology practice owners. As a member of Radian, you’ll be able to create or grow your practice by connecting with like-minded experts and gain access to tools that boost your competitiveness.

Become part of a cooperative that works for the good of its members, all without losing your independence.

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Radiology is rapidly changing and so is the opportunity for you to do business differently. Radian gives you ultimate flexibility in how you practice radiology and run a radiology practice.

As part of our network, you remain in control of how, where, and when you work. Whether you want to set up a virtual practice, sub-specialize, or operate a traditional practice, Radian gives you access to the community and expertise you need to do things how you want.
Together, we are Radian.

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Gain all the advantages of being part of a collective of radiology professionals and get access to software and tools that will change the way you work.

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What our members say

“Northam Ultrasound joined Radian in 2019 and our business has turned around. Through the Radian network, we tapped into the expertise of other community members who now routinely and seamlessly report for us. The report turnaround is 24 hours and the radiologists are happy to discuss results with our referrers. This has improved our service and the service for our community.”

Clinton Turoy-Smith

Director, Northam Ultrasound